SAN DIEGO, Sept. 1, 2000– SeaWest WindPower Inc.’s 16.8 MW Foote Creek IV wind power project is nearing completion. To date, all 28 of the MHI 600 kW wind turbines have been erected, with commissioning and electrification nearly complete. The entire wind farm is scheduled to be complete and begin commercial operation in early October 2000.

In May of this year, the Bonneville Power Administration and SeaWest jointly announced a 20-year power purchase agreement. The Foote Creek IV wind power project will supply the federal agency with an additional 16.8 MW of wind energy from the Foote Creek Rim Site. SeaWest has installed 28 new turbines at the Foote Creek Rim site in Carbon County, Wyo. to support the agreement.

The wind turbines used on the Foote Creek IV project have a rotor diameter of 45 meters, mounted atop 50 meter tubular towers. Each turbine produces enough electricity for over 350 households, while offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

“In a time of rising energy prices in the West, we need to be looking into alternative energy sources. In the U.S. House Renewable Energy Caucus, we encourage projects like this one to provide for the energy needs of future generations,” said Congressman Greg Walden (R-Ore.).

“Progress on the Foote Creek IV Project is moving ahead on schedule,” said Jan Paulin, SeaWest president and CEO. “This 16.8 MW project will deliver affordable clean renewable energy to the BPA and customers in the Pacific Northwest. While power prices are fluctuating due to fuel costs and market uncertainties, wind power is delivering wholesale energy at very cost competitive rates.”

Over the past three years, SeaWest has developed three utility scale projects on the Foote Creek Rim Site. It is considered one of the finest documented wind sites in the contiguous United States.

With the completion of this fourth phase, the Foote Creek Rim Site will have a total installed capacity of 84.8 MW. Foote Creek IV is the latest wind energy project developed by SeaWest on the site. Construction began in May 2000 and the project will be on line in October 2000. W

With the addition of the Foote Creek IV project, SeaWest will supply BPA with enough power for 10,500 homes, with a total capacity of 18.8 MW from 31 turbines.