US-based waste heat recovery developer KGRA Energy has signed a contract with forest products company Weyerhaeuser to design and construct an 800 kW waste heat recovery system to provide 4.5 million kWh of carbon-free electricity per year.

The system, which is scheduled to come online in the summer of 2011, will recover waste heat from the biomass-based thermal drying system at Weyerhaeuser’s lumber mill in Greenville, North Carolina, US,

KGRA’s system is expected to displace the equivalent of more than 4080 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

At the Weyerhaeuser lumber mill, heat will be recovered from a kiln where cut lumber enters the drying process.

The system will use the Organic Rankine Cycle to recover waste heat from viable sources, including combustion engine exhausts, furnaces, boilers and kilns, converting it into usable electricity and reducing both energy costs and heat pollution.

The construction work will be carried out by KGRA’s subsidiary, Ayden HTP Partners.

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