Waste-fired fuel cell energy plant for Japan

– incorporating a 250 kW fuel cell CHP unit

A new mini-grid, incorporating a 250 kW fuel cell CHP unit, is to supply power to a school, a hospital, apartment buildings and city hall in a renewable energy community on the western coast of Japan planned by Kyoto Eco-Energy. The ‘DFC’ fuel cell, sold by Marubeni Corporation, the Asian distributor for US-based FuelCell Energy, will convert waste from a food-processing plant into high-quality electricity. Heat energy produced by the plant will also warm water flowing into the digestion process, increasing overall system efficiency.

Kyotango City’s DFC power plant is part of an 850 kW minigrid consisting of the fuel cell unit, a wind turbine, PV panels and gas engines connected to the local grid. Acknowledging its environmental advantages, Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) is supporting the capital and installation costs of the project.

‘The Eco-Energy Project is ideal for a DFC power generation plant,’ said Marc G. Aubé, Marubeni Vice President. ‘Its ultra-clean, highly efficient generation process provides a breakthrough means to enable Japan’s municipalities and industry to deploy and stabilize the renewable energy solutions that help parties comply with the Kyoto Protocol.’ à‚ 

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