Volume F/C CHP production moves ahead in UK

Ceres Power says it has secured a facility for the volume manufacturing of its fuel cells.

Located in Horsham, South East England, the facility includes an existing building (formerly used for a semi-conductor production facility) which is well suited to Ceres’ production requirements. Ceres will use the new facility to mass manufacture fuel cells and for volume assembly of fuel cell stacks and fuel cell modules, using processes and machines developed and trialled at the company’s existing pilot plant.

The 5000 m2 building has been secured on a long leasehold and is located within 10 miles of Ceres Power’s headquarters, minimising logistics costs and facilitating technology transfer from the existing Ceres pilot plant in Crawley.

According to the company’s CHP plans, during the first half of 2009 the facility will be fitted-out and the key fuel cell manufacturing equipment procured. During the second half an initial manufacturing line will be commissioned and manufacturing operations will commence. Low volume beta units will be produced in 2009 and into 2010 for sheltered field trials under the contract with British Gas and during 2010 additional equipment will be installed to deliver the higher volumes required for commercial field trials and in preparation for volume launch with British Gas in 2011. The site is intended to provide the potential for expansion beyond the previously indicated one million fuel cells per annum.
Assembly of the CHP products in volume is intended to be completed by an assembly partner in accordance with Ceres’ design.

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