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US supermarket opts for on-site power in Connecticut

Whole Foods Market has selected UTC Power’s PureCell System Model 400 to provide on-site power to a new store in Fairfield, Connecticut, US.

The fuel cell will be part funded by a grant from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) through its On-Site Renewable Distributed Generation Program.

The 400 kW fuel cell system will generate 90% of the store’s electricity needs, and its byproduct thermal energy will be used for store heating, cooling and refrigeration.

Fairfield is the second Whole Foods Market in Connecticut and the fourth Whole Foods Market in the United States to install a UTC Power fuel cell.

UTC says that by generating most of its power on-site with a fuel cell, the Whole Foods Market Fairfield store will prevent the release of more than 847 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually ” the equivalent of planting more than 85 acres of trees.

Furthermore, the reductions in nitrogen oxide emissions compared to a conventional power plant are equal to the environmental benefit of removing more than 100 cars from the road says UTC.

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