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UK’s ‘first’ home installed with fuel cell microgeneration

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited (ASX:CFU) has confirmed that Crest Nicholson, one of the UK’s major house builders, has installed a BlueGen fuel cell-based heat and power micro-generation system in one of its low-carbon homes.

The BlueGen unit is installed in a four-bedroom family home on the Noble Park development on the outskirts of Epsom, Surrey.

This is said to be the UK’s first ever installation of a micro-generation certificate scheme accredited micro-power and heat fuel cell in a new build home, providing power, heating and hot water.

Crest Nicholson has designed the home for high insulation and energy efficiency, as well as for low heat losses. The BlueGen provides all the heat needed for the home – there is no separate boiler or other heating device needed.

Currently, BlueGen is the only fuel cell product eligible for the UK’s feed-in tariff, which provides a payment to BlueGen customers for power generated on-site and exported back to the power grid.

BlueGen units use ceramic fuel cells to turn natural gas into electricity, as well as heat for hot water, in homes, schools, offices and other small commercial buildings.

According to Ceramic Fuel Cells, each BlueGen unit can save up to four tonnes of carbon per year in low-carbon homes. Its peak electrical efficiency is up to 60 per cent, far higher than any other small-scale generating technology, and with the added benefit of heat its total efficiency can reach 85 per cent or higher.

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