UK scheme set to support on-site renewables

In a presentation earlier this month at London trade show Ecobuild, UK energy secretary Ed Davey said the government plans to launch its domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (d-RHI) this spring.Biomass

The d-RHI will, for the first time, provide ongoing payments to people heating their homes with heat pumps, wood burners or solar-powered hot water systems. The Renewable Energy Association (REA) trade body says this means on-site renewable heating solutions are becoming affordable for off-grid households.

Mike Landy, the REA’s head of on-site renewables, said: ‘The d-RHI is set to be one of the highlights of the government’s green agenda in 2014. It will mean that renewable home heating is not just environmentally sensible, but also financially attractive for the majority of homes off the gas grid.’

Figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change say 47% of UK energy is used for heat and the nation spends around à‚£32 billion (US$53 billion) per year on heat.

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