Work to install the largest single-roof Local Authority-owned solar panel system in the UK has been completed on the roof of the new Northacre Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) in Westbury in the South West of England.

Expected to generate more than 280 MWh a year, all of which will be used on-site, the 1248 solar modules were supplied by Indian manufacturer Vikram Solar.

Northacre uses a mechanical biological treatment process used to turn household waste into solid recovered fuel (SRF). 

Wiltshire Council are significant, with annual bill is expected to benefit to the tune of £55,000 from energy bill savings and income from the Feed-in Tariff.

The unit price of electricity produced by the panels over the system’s 25 year life is significantly less than the current rate for grid supplied electricity, the developments backers say. 

David Snape, Commercial Manager at Solarsense, the company responsible for the design and installation of the system, said: “The Northacre RRC project is a great example of how solar PV can significantly reduce consumption and deliver long-term cost savings for industrial processes.”

Hills Waste Solutions, the company that owns and operates the Northacre RRC under a 25 year contract with Wiltshire Council, now aims to secure more local demand for SRF, ideally to generate energy which could be utilised in Wiltshire.