UK fuel cell developer Ceres Power says it has completed the design, build and testing of 1 kW grid-connected CHP products that meets all of the deliverables under the ‘Alpha’ phase of its CHP programme in conjunction with its partner British Gas.

The products were tested on mains natural gas under representative residential operating conditions, meeting most of a typical home’s electricity requirements as well as exporting and importing power to and from the grid as required. Ceres says that its CHP product integrates the company’s 1 kW fuel cell module with ancillary boiler components into a single unit that will meet all of a home’s hot water and central heating requirements, avoiding the need for a separate boiler. The wall-mountable CHP product uses the same natural gas, water and electricity connections as existing boilers.

British Gas has issued an acceptance certificate that triggers a £2 million Alpha milestone payment to be paid to Ceres.

The company has already commenced the design and procurement activities of the Beta phase of the CHP programme – to produce Beta CHP units for in-field trials. The company says it is on track to achieve market launch of the residential CHP product with British Gas in 2011.