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Top PV technology installed at landmark retail outlet

British renewable energy company Solarsense has installed a PV plant on the roof of the UK’s first shopping outlet, Clarks Village in Bristol, using especially eco-friendly PV modules from the Scandinavian-German manufacturer Innotech Solar (ITS).

During prior testing on a reference site, Innotech Solar modules outperformed the products of three well-known manufacturers.
Clarks Village
The 500 m2 80 kWp solar PV system will generate more than 70,000 kWh of electricity each year, making a substantial reduction to the running costs of the shopping outlet while reducing its annual carbon footprint by more than 37500 kg.

The outlet, the first in the UK and now celebrating its 21st year, will receive combined benefits from the Feed-in Tariff and utility bill savings of more than à‚£15,500 per year for the next 20 years, putting them in good stead for the next period in their history.

Innotech Solar’s optimization process reduces the wastage associated with traditional module manufacture resulting in PV modules with significantly lower embodied carbon.

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