FuelCell Energy Inc. (Nasdaq:FCEL) has announced growing demand in Asia for stationary fuel cell power plants, including an initiative by Seoul City, South Korea to install 230 MW of fuel cells and separately, the development of a 60 MW fuel cell park.

If it goes ahead it will be the largest fuel cell installation in the world.

The stationary fuel cell power plants are being installed to replace the power generation of one nuclear power plant.

The plans call for 29 fuel cell parks totaling 190 MW and 102 commercial building installations totaling 40 MW by 2014, with 50 MW installed in 2012, 82 MW in 2013 and 98 MW in 2014.

Building installations will include 10 MW at hospitals and data centers and 30 MW at high-rise residential developments. The fuel cell power plants must be configured for combined heat and power (CHP).

The fuel cell park will consist of a series of DFC3000 power plants located in an industrial complex in Hwaseong, South Korea.

Permitting and approvals are expected to be completed by summer 2012 and power production to begin by early 2013.

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