US-based EPS Corp has released a financial product for owners of cogeneration facilities: EPS ‘PowerSaver’, which provides a means to outsource on-site power operations to EPS’ expert operations team while improving the performance of the existing system.

The product relieves exposure to operational burdens and provides the customer with the benefit of a fixed and agreed-upon portion of savings, says the company.

EPS PowerSaver is a one to five-year agreement that provides the benefits of third party cogeneration ownership without transferring ownership of the asset itself. Throughout the term, customers benefit from EPS’ extensive cogeneration operating experience and fuel management expertise, delivering the financial benefits they originally expected when they made their cogeneration investment.

The resulting cost savings achieved from EPS’ efficiency improvements are shared between EPS and the customer, motivating EPS to achieve peak performance on their behalf. In exchange, customers accept all of the generated electric and thermal energy at the prevailing utility rate.