EU member states would be wise to take on cogeneration technology if they are serious about meeting climate targets. That’s the overwhelming response to a poll taken across two power industry web sites, calculated this week.
Dr Fiona Riddoch
73 per cent of respondents to the poll, conducted across Power Engineering International and Cogeneration and On-site Power Production web site supported the contention of the Associate Director of COGEN Europe, Dr Fiona Riddoch, who believes that member states cannot afford to ignore the CODE2 project and emphasis on cogeneration if they are to meet climate change goals.

The poll was entitled “COGEN Europe has launched the CODE2 project to help EU nations fulfil their cogeneration potential. Dr Fiona Riddoch says they cannot ignore it if they are to meet climate targets. Will it work?” and just 27 per cent of respondents felt member states did not necessarily need cogeneration in order to succeed in meeting climate change obligations.

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