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ORC power boost from on-site heat at waste site

Oak Grove Renewables site in Norfolk, UK, is the home of a recently commissioned Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) on-site power plant that is set to boost plant electrical output by up to 10%.

An existing 2 MW on-site power plant is fuelled from biogas produced on the waste and recycling site in an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) system.

Now the ORC plant, in Scottow, is using waste exhaust heat from the engine to generate additional power. The developers, Future Biogas and Triogen, say the move will increase the electricity output of the plant by up to 10%.

Triogenà‚´s CEO, Henning von Barsewisch, said: ‘Our technology is a contribution to making decentralized generation more affordable which will be an important factor for reaching the politically agreed emission targets. Converting the excess heat available from a biogas plant into electricity reduces the cost of producing power from the plant by 5%.’