On-site wind turbines

– for two industrial plants in the UK

Nissan Motors in the UK “soon to be home to seven wind turbines

Car manufacturer Nissan Motors is to have seven 750 kW wind turbines erected at its Washington, Tyne and Wear, site in north-east England. The turbines will add up to a 5.2 MW generation facility, and will provide around 10% of the plant’s electricity needs.

Nissan’s move follows a decision by GlaxoSmithKline to introduce wind energy at its base in nearby Teesdale ” where two refurbished 250 kW turbines are being installed.

oth companies were advised by locally based TNEI Services, which says it is involved in advanced negotiations about on-site wind energy with several other household names from the retail and automotive sectors in the UK.

At Nissan, the UK’s largest car manufacturer employing 4000 people, the wind farm is scheduled to be operational in 2006, subject to a favourable planning decision by the local council. As with GSK, TNEI Services has provided all on-site studies and will source second-hand wind turbines from European suppliers.

– Bush includes US$322 million in new budget

Backing up his commitment to a budget that provides strong funding for hydrogen and fuel cells, President Bush has included US$322 million in the Department of Energy’s fiscal 2006 budget for fuel cell and hydrogen technology programmes. This is an increase of $20.5 million over the $301.5 million Congress enacted for the current fiscal year, although the part of the budget set for distributed generation cells has been cut by $9 million. Fuel cell and hydrogen-related proposals in the DOE budget include:

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