On-site wind turbines for Swedish paper mill

5 March 2010 – Swedish forestry group Sàƒ¶dra has purchased six ENERCON E-82 wind turbines to be installed for on-site power supply to Sàƒ¶dra Cell’s Màƒ¶nsteràƒ¥s pulp mill. In addition, Sàƒ¶dra and ENERCON have contracted an option on a further 50 wind turbines.

The project at Màƒ¶nsteràƒ¥s mill is the first stage of a major wind power investment around the mill in conjunction with Norwegian energy company Statkraft. Licence approval has been granted to construct a further four wind turbines in àƒ…serum, just north of the mill.

Preliminary planning is underway. The third stage of the wind power development is planned in a bow-shaped area running from Torp north of Màƒ¶nsteràƒ¥s towards Kràƒ¥kerum to the east.

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