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On-site power to generate savings for UK

On-site power generation will save the UK à‚£33 billion (US$214 billion) by 2030, a new study predicts.

According to the research commissioned by energy consultancy Utilyx, on-site generation will contribute 14% of the UK’s energy needs by 2030, up from 9% in 2011.

The largest savings (à‚£20 billion) will come from combined heat and power and energy from waste, while solar power and trigeneration are predicted to grow the fastest. Decentralised energy will also deliver 350 million tonnes of carbon emissions savings.

The study was based on interviews with UK-based businesses with annual revenues of at least à‚£150 million, decentralised energy technology service providers, energy finance firms, government and trade bodies.

Mark Stokes, managing director of Utilyx’s asset management business, said the UK needs to consider on-site power generation as part of its energy mix. “In a climate of volatile and rising energy prices, decentralised energy can help businesses save money, reduce carbon, and provide energy security,” he said.

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