On-site power potential for UK farms explored

New research carried out by the Farm Power coalition concludes that there is at least 10 GW of potential on-site renewable energy capacity on UK farms.

Founded by the sustainability organisation Forum for the Future, and Nottingham Trent University, with steering group members including National Grid and the National Farmers Union, the Farm Power coalition argues that, regardless of which approach is used, at least 10 GW ” and quite possibly 20 GW ” of unmet on-site potential is available across British farms.

Low- and high-end scenarios, for example, in terms of total installed capacity show that ground mounted solar photovoltaics (PV) could deliver between 5.9 GW and 14 GW while rooftop PV has a possible 1.4 GW available. Farm-scale wind could see between 2.5 GW and 3.6 GW installed while anaerobic digestion could reach between 0.1 GW and 1 GW.

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