On-site power package for Texas stadium

On-site power, solar power for Texas stadium
On-site power, solar power for Texas stadium

As part of an on-site power package, the NRG Stadium sports venue, located in Houston, Texas, USA, à‚ has installed nearly 600 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on and around its pedestrian bridges.

The on-site power systems package also includes electric vehicle charging, energy-efficient LED lighting and solar-powered mobile device charging stations.

The 140-ha sports and entertainment complex, encompassing NRG Stadium and surrounding facilities, has solar panels located on the two pedestrian bridges, above the stadium entrance at Budweiser Plaza and over the new vehicle charging station. These installations are expected to generate 181 kWe collectively.

Elizabeth Killinger, president of NRG Retail and Reliant, said: ‘We want to raise the bar for what consumers expect from their power company and inspire people to consider adopting energy innovations at home, at work and on-the-go.’

In related news, NRG Energy is reportedly adding a combined heat and power (CHP) element to the northside district energy system it operates in Pittsburgh for consumers. The network includes the Pittsburgh Medical Center, US Steel, the Chatham Center, the Marriott hotel and Duquesne University.

The system expected to be operational in 2017.

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