On-site power and cooling showcase US artists

Art Miami

A leading art fair in Miami, Florida, US is being powered and cooled on-site. à‚ 

Art Miami, an annual contemporary and modern art fair, spans seven city blocks and takes place within climate-controlled tents using customised utility infrastructure. About 4 MW of power and 1000 tonnes of cooling are provided by temporary power and temperature control solutions firm Aggreko.
Art Miami

Rental generators supplement grid power and provide backup power where needed. Different sizes of tent-compatible air conditioners and chillers are installed depending on artist needs and tent design.

For each exhibition section the airflow, temperature and humidity must be moderated and the air must be redirected as required to preserve the artworks’ quality. One structure comprises three tents connected by tunnels, with each section showcasing different artworks including sculpture, hanging art and abstracts.

‘Art Miami requires a unique cooling solution for each individual event location,’ said Luis Alfaro, southeast area event specialist with Aggreko North America.à‚ 

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