Off-grid battery system solution set for Rwanda

German commercial storage system manufacturer Tesvolt has been awarded a contract to supply the world’s largest decentralized off-grid storage system, which acts as a mini-grid during power cuts.

The company is to deliver a lithium storage system with a total capacity of 2.68 megawatt-hours which will provide water pumps in an agricultural project in Rwanda‘s Eastern Province with emergency power.

The 3.3 MW solar power plant and the storage system are being engineered and constructed by the international system integrator IdeemaSun energy.

The project will offer the province high charging speeds at low costs.
Simon Schandert
Simon Schandert, Director of Engineering at Tesvolt said, “In Rwanda, the power supply fails three or four times a day for between 5 and 45 minutes. For this reason, an important criterion in the call for tender was that the storage system is able to absorb electricity from the PV power plant and release it again as quickly as possible.”

“Only very powerful off-grid storage systems can supply the necessary emergency power several times per day, and there are only a few storage systems on the market which meet these requirements.”

Tesvolt has developed storage systems which use prismatic battery cells, which enable high charging speeds through their particular design and chemical composition. The intelligent control system ensures that each individual cell is charged and discharged at the optimal rate for a particularly long service life.à‚ 

Tesvolt is set to supply a total of 134 fully assembled lithium storage systems for 44 water pumps. The storage system will supply the irrigation project with clean and safe emergency power, also boosting yields in local agriculture. This should improve the living conditions of around 2,000 farmers, who currently live in extreme poverty.

In total, 402 Sunny Island charge controllers from SMA are to be deployed for the project. In the event of power cuts, the storage system will act as a mini-grid, enabling the PV power plant to continue running.

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