An anaerobic digester plant located on the outskirts of Wrexham, North Wales, has become the first such on-farm facility to be granted Animal-By Products (ABP) approval by Defra, allowing it to receive and process Category 3 and permitted Category 2 animal by-products.

The addition of ABP feed stocks will further increase the energy output of the plant whilst also enhancing the nutrient content of the solid and liquid digestates which are produced by the AD process and applied to the surrounding farmland as fertiliser.

Lodge Farm Biogas Limited, whose farm is home to fre-energy’s first AD plant, has been running the AD plant for five years and has processed some 9000 tonnes of slurry and manure from its 650 dairy cows each year, alongside around 1800 tonnes of chicken litter.

The fre-energy digester has a generation capacity of 160 kWe and 200 kWth and around 20% of the electricity and 50 kW of heat are used on site to power the farm buildings, on-site engineering business and shops. Surplus electricity is exported to the grid.