July 31, 2002 – Increasing demand for improved power quality and reliability for energy-intensive enterprises, heightened by the actual financial and productivity impacts of power problems, points to a potentially promising market for on-site power generation, according to the latest survey of U.S. businesses conducted by RKS Research & Consulting, a nationwide market research and public opinion polling firm.

RKS’ new business market assessment-its fourth national survey of the market potential for customer adoption of on-site generation since 1998-finds increases in interest and potential applications among key segments of commercial and industrial customers that have critical power delivery needs.

In particular, companies that are sensitive to issues of power delivery–improved reliability and power quality– demonstrate stronger interest in purchasing on-site generating equipment within the next five years, according to the survey. Indeed, small but measurable percentages among these customers say they expect to acquire these units within a two-year time frame.

In this latest survey of the on-site power market, RKS measures levels of awareness, interest, and purchase intentions among nine energy-essential industry segments-agriculture; casinos & gaming; data processing centers; food processing; health; higher education; high-tech, and pharmaceuticals.

The survey finds increased levels of interest within several of these segments compared to previous RKS studies of the on-site marketplace.

Beyond the industry-specific findings, the RKS analysis uncovers two distinct segments of on-site power customers: firms that have experienced substantial-and, in their view, excessive-power delivery problems, and companies with cultures that place a high priority on independence and self-reliance. In fact, the independent-minded businesses are the most likely candidates for purchasing on-site generating equipment over the next two to five years, according to the survey.

For this latest assessment of the on-site power market, RKS completed telephone interviews during the months of April and May, 2002 with some 600 energy managers across the U.S. Each interview averaged 25 minutes in length.

The final report summarizes the current level of awareness and interest in on-site generation, along with findings on price points, purchase criteria, and environmental and aesthetic impacts, all presented from the business customer perspective. The RKS analysis concentrates on the on-site power markets and customer segments that offer the greatest potential for power suppliers, marketers, and manufacturers.

Now entering its 29th year of business, RKS Research & Consulting designs and conducts both syndicated and customized market research and public opinion polling for energy and natural resources clients, including their major associations. RKS operates from headquarters in North Salem, NY, plus field offices in New Jersey, Florida, and California. Further information is available at its website: www.rksresearch.com