New solar tech to boost competitiveness of on-site power

Bifacial solar cells from Advanced Solar Photonics
Bifacial solar cells from Advanced Solar Photonics

Distributed generation is predicted to receive a boost in competitiveness from the next wave of innovation in the solar power sector.

A new report from analysis firm Lux Research predicts that emerging high-efficiency silicon technologies will help residential- and commercial-scale rooftop solar installations compete with large-scale solar farms.

Tiffany Huang, Lux Research Associate and lead author of the report, said: ‘High-efficiency silicon modules are the key to capturing the distributed generation (DG) market because these modules maximise power output in a limited space, helping DG compete with utility-scale photovoltaic plants.’

According to the report, Silicon Solar Cell and Module Roadmap, emerging technologies such as passivated emitter, rear-contact (PERC), metal wrap through (MWT) and bifacial cells (pictured) are expected to push the cost of leading solar modules down to $0.48/Wp in 2020.

Photo: Advanced Solar Photonics

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