Tognum subsidiary CFC Solutions GmbH is introducing a new series of carbonate fuel cells for use in CHP applications.

The HotModule HM 320 systems have been upgraded with 45% higher power and a new design to produce 363 kW (DC) and 345 kW AC. The HotModule has a 38% increase in heat generation at 250 kWth.

The main source of the increased power levels is the new, larger construction, CFC says, adding that it has revamped the fuel cell stack and chosen a square design in place of the cylindrical design of the previous generations.

The carbonate fuel cells, from Ottobrunn, operate above 600oC and have cell efficiencies of 55% electrical and 33% thermal.

The first model of the new series is already in production.

‘Beside the HM 320, we plan to produce systems in the 400 kW and 500 kW class in the coming years, as well as in the megawatt range,’ said Michael Bode, Managing Director for engineering at CFC Solutions.