Minister opens Waitrose powered by on-site energy

The Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, Greg Barker MP, opened the advanced new energy centre at Waitrose Bracknell in England this week.

The low carbon energy centre ” developed by FTSE 250 strategic outsourcing and energy services company MITIE ” uses sustainable local woodchip to power, heat and cool the store. It provides the vast majority of the supermarket’s energy needs, making it almost completely independent of the national grid.

Greg Barker MP The energy centre is set to cut the store’s carbon emissions by over 750 tonnes per year and it should save the store 69 per cent of grid electricity and 84 per cent of gas.

Mike Tivey, Managing Director of MITIE’s Asset Management business, which has developed and will operate the energy centre over a 12-year contract, said:

“In an increasingly volatile energy market this advanced new energy centre reduces Waitrose’s reliance on the grid and provides economic and predictably priced energy.

“This will not just have a positive environmental impact, but create jobs and prosperity in the local economy, and is a perfect example of the many benefits on-site energy generation can provide our communities with.”

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