Manhattan complex to run on CHP

Seven combined heat and power (CHP) units are to power a multi-unit residential complex in New York City’s Manhattan borough.

The InVerde 100 e+ CHP modules from Tecogen, totalling 700 kW, will be owned by distributed generation firm WGL Energy, which will sell their output to the complex at a discount. The system will also provide backup power for the complex.

Tecogen will install and commission the units as well as providing operations and maintenance services for a 20-year term.

The project is expected to finish in phases over the next nine to 12 months and be fully operational in 2018. It will be partially financed through incentives from the New York State Environmental Research and Development Agency (NYSERDA).

Tecogen co-CEO Benjamin Locke said the project had “been under development at Tecogen for some time”.

“Large residential buildings are a perfect fit for our CHP systems,” he added.



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