London’s Canary Wharf to benefit from pioneering on-site power

Canary Wharf

SEaB Energy, a leading smart city innovator, has been selected to pilot their containerised, waste-to-energy technology at Canary Wharf after winning the second phase of the Cognicity Challenge.

The UK company has developed a unique, patented, micro power plant that turns food and organic waste into heat, energy and water directly on the site of where the waste is produced. This generates an attractive revenue stream, eliminates the need to transport food waste to distant processing plants and significantly reduces the site’s carbon footprint.à‚ 
Canary Wharf
SEaB is located at the University of Southampton Science Park in Chilworth in the UK, and has developed the pioneering Muckbusterà‚® and Flexibusterà¢â€ž¢ compact and easy to install micro power plants. These systems are modular, easily configured and scalable to address food waste and other bio-wastes directly at the sites of waste producers by converting them into energy using microbial technology.à‚ 

This is becoming critical for new developments, as in order for them to comply with Part L of Building Regulations, their Building Emissions Rate (BER) or Dwelling Emissions Rate (DER), must be less than their Target Emissions Rate (TER).

SEaB Energy has been awarded a à‚£50,000 prize alongside the opportunity to implement their technology at Canary Wharf. The award will also kick-start the co-operation with Intel, the event sponsor, that will lead the two companies working together closely to incorporate Intel’s latest technology into SEaB Energy’s products. à‚ 

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