A London hospital is to be equipped with combined heat and power and other on-site technology and hopes to make a £1 million saving on its annual energy bill as a result.

St George’s NHS Hospital has signed an Energy Performance Contract with British Gas in the hope of lowering its energy spend by 25%. Hospital chiefs also believe the move can help reduce its carbon emissions by 6,000 tonnes a year.

The new equipment includes CHP boilers, absorption chillers, solar photovoltaics, steam system modifications and a range of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning changes, according to British Gas which is delivering the project with  London-based partner Breathe Energy, according to Energy Live News.

Eric Munro, Joint Director of Estates & Facilities at St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust and St George’s University of London said: “In the current economic climate, it is vital that we maximise the resources that we are able to put into both patient care and student experience.”

Installing the energy saving kit was aided by a loan from infrastructure firm Amber Green which manages the London Energy Efficiency Fund (LEEF). It is expected to be earned back through savings on the hospital’s energy bills.