Large fuel cell CHP park opens in South Korea

FuelCell Energy of the US says that its fuel cell park is now operating in Daegu City, South Korea, which the company claims is the biggest such plant in the world.

The 11.2 MW park includes four 2.8 MW DFC3000 Direct FuelCell (DFC) power plants, which provide baseload distributed generation.

The electricity generated will be sold to the electric grid and the heat produced will power a neighboring water treatment facility, both under long-term power purchase agreements

According to FuelCell Energy, DFC power plants are 47% electrically efficient and can achieve total efficiencies up to 90% when configured to use the high quality heat generated by the power plant in CHP mode.

By comparison, says FuelCell, the electrical efficiency of grid delivered electricity from the average fossil fuel power plant in the US is in the region of 33-36%.

Chip Bottone, president and CEO of FuelCell Energy, says: “Our power plants are scalable and we expect even larger fuel cell parks to be built globally.

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