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Kyocera to offer commercial fuel cell cogen

Japan’s Kyocera, which has been supplying fuel cell stacks for residential cogeneration systems, is reportedly set to produce its own commercial systems.

Kyocera reportedly aims to introduce its first 3 kW fuel cell cogeneration units to the Japanese market in July, with expansion to the global market considered for the future.

The firm says its systems, for which it claims a generation efficiency of 52 per cent, can produce power and heat 20 per cent more efficiently than current commercial systems.

According to the company, the first models will be aimed at commercial customers such as restaurants, hospitals and care homes, with residential units to be rolled out eventually. à‚ 

The firm is expected to distribute its cogeneration systems through utility Osaka Gas, which has already been using Kyocera’s fuel cell stacks in its residential systems. The two companies have been collaborating on development of residential fuel cell cogeneration solutions since 2009.

Kyocera aims to sell 500 of its systems in the first year, and to grow its fuel cell business to Y50bn ($454m) by 2023 from its expected revenue of around Y7bn this year.