Sochi Olympics

On-site power with energy storage will help to run the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, which began on Friday.  

US battery storage firm EnerDel and Parker Hannifin’s Energy Grid Tie division have partnered to supply backup power for Sochi’s substations.
Sochi Olympics

With an estimated load of 1 GW, double Sochi’s typical daily load, and a large number of new thermal power plants and smaller localised power sources installed especially for the Games, grid stability becomes a significant issue, Parker Hannifin said.

The two firms built and installed a 1.5-MW, 2.5-MWh system connecting large banks of battery energy storage to the grid. Parker’s power conversion system will manage power fluctuations and prevent outages.

The system includes cooling technology, outdoor battery enclosures, climate control, fire suppression and monitoring systems.

In addition to the Sochi energy storage system, Parker and EnerDel also delivered an identical 1.5-MW, 2.5-MWh energy storage project in the Russian city of St Petersburg.