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Kaiser Permanente pledges more investment in onsite solar power generation

US healthcare specialists, Kaiser Permanente, has pledged to take on more on-site solar power in its operations as part of a national sustainable energy strategy.

As an ongoing part of the strategy the company said it will add as much as 50 MW with additional installations planned for its medical campuses and other locations.
Kaiser Permanente
“It’s clear that changes in our climate are having an impact on human health,” said Kathy Gerwig, vice president and environmental stewardship officer at Kaiser Permanente. “Kaiser Permanente is pleased to be acknowledged by the White House for our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

Kaiser Permanente has already installed solar panels at 13 locations, including hospitals, medical offices and a distribution centre. With a generation capacity of 11.3 MW, these arrays generated 18 million kilowatt-hours of electricity in 2013.

The company has specifically planned to increase its onsite generation capacity in 2014 with solar installations at many additional locations, including in Hawaii and at its Oakland Medical Center in California and Hidden Lake Medical Offices in Colorado.

In addition it plans to assess more than 100 of its locations in California for the potential to add on site solar.

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