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John Hopkins University takes on CHP as part of green initiative

The John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland has taken on American DG Energy (NYSE MKT: ADGE) to provide its on-site power expertise to facilitate the Wolman Hall student housing accommodation area of the campus.

Under the terms of the agreement, Johns Hopkins University will receive a portion of its energy from a 75 kW combined heat and power system (CHP), which will be owned and operated by American DG Energy. The university will receive a discount on the energy produced by the CHP system and reduce its carbon footprint.

American DG Energy will produce space heat and hot water for Wolman Hall. The CHP system will offset 67 metric tons of carbon annually.

Johns Hopkins University will pay only for the electricity, heat and hot water produced and avoids all capital, installation and operating costs of the system.

The new CHP system at Johns Hopkins University is part of the campus green initiative to reduce defined emissions and meet their carbon goals.

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