An on-site energy system based on a hydrogen fuel cell is to be installed at the Environmental Energy Technology Centre (EETC) in the UK’s Yorkshire as part of a demonstration project.

Commissioned by Yorkshire Forward and located at the Advanced Manufacturing Park on the Rotherham-Sheffield border, the Centre will have a so-called ‘Hydrogen Mini-Grid System’ (HMGS) developed by Pure Energy in the Shetlands and consultancy firm TNEI.

The HMGS will supply all of the building’s power requirements using a 225 kW wind turbine, which will produce over 500 MWh each year. With sufficient wind, the turbine will power both the on-site facilities and an electrolyser to create hydrogen. This will then be compressed and stored for later use. Any excess power will be fed back into the National Grid. During low wind periods the fuel cell will automatically activate, using the stored hydrogen.

UPS Systems will be providing the EETC with a 30 kW system comprising nine inverters, three 12 kW fuel cells, 240Ah batteries and control system.