Gasification for on-site power

A Tennessee, US waste water treatment plant is to be powered with an on-site gasification facility and an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) engine.

Located in Lebanon, near Nashville, thousands of tons of sewage sludge, used tires and industrial wood waste will be processed there each year. Output from the plant, which will process 64 tonnes of material a day, will be used to power a 200 kWe ORC.

PHG Energy of Nashville is designing and building the new facility, including the world’s largest downdraft gasification unit, the company says.

Tom Doherty, Environmental Specialist with the Tennessee, Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC), said: ‘One of the most exciting parts of deploying this technology in Lebanon is that hundreds or tons of scrap tires will be put to beneficial use while saving Wilson County a considerable portion of their previous disposal expense.’

TDEC awarded the project grant funding of $250,000 and facilitated a subsidy of 70% of the $3.5 million financing’s interest cost.

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