Methane gas from a local community landfill site is to be used to fuel approximately 40% of the heating energy needs of the Fujifilm manufacturing complex located in Greenwood, South Carolina, US.

Fujifilm will use the gas in two of its specially-equipped boilers with a dual burner system that can be switched back and forth between landfill source methane and natural gas purchased from the Commission of Public Works. The company plans to use 200 billion Btus of energy from the landfill per year.

This is one of several steps that Fujifilm Corporation is taking to reduce greenhouse emissions at its facilities worldwide. In the US, the company aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15% by 2012. Globally, the company has committed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 40% from its 1990 numbers by 2012. The company recently announced plans to develop a wind farm in Tilburg, The Netherlands, to supply a portion of the electricity needs of Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe, which makes colour photo paper and offset printing plates.

Greenwood County Council, the operator of the landfill site was facing a deadline imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce or eliminate methane emissions from the landfill. In the absence of a partner like Fujifilm, the County’s other option was to flare, or burn-off, the gas at the landfill.