Power plant manufacturer FuelCell Energy is set to expand into Asia with the sale of a sub-megawatt Direct FuelCell module to partner POSCO Power for installation in Indonesia.

POSCO Power will combine the fuel cell module with locally manufactured balance of plant and install the complete fuel cell power plant at a waterpark resort in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

FuelCell says the aim is to demonstrate the benefits of clean, efficient and reliable power generation, adding that the virtual lack of emissions combined with quiet operation of its plants, facilitates their siting in populated areas. 

Distributed generation also improves energy security and energy reliability while reducing the need to build and maintain costly transmission and distribution, adds FuelCell.

With growing power needs from an expanding urban middle class, Indonesian utilities are looking to introduce scalable baseload distributed generation. POSCO is also looking to develop a market for megawatt class power plants elsewhere in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

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