3 August 2010 – FuelCell Energy has announced the sale of a 300 kW DFC300 fuel cell power plant and a five year service contract to LOGANEnergy, a fuel cell energy services company that will install the fuel cell power plant at the frozen food processing facility of Carla’s Pasta in South Windsor, Connecticut, US.
The fuel cell power plant is expected to provide 60% of the energy needs of the recently-expanded Carla’s Pasta facility.
It will generate ultra-clean baseload electricity and will be configured to recover the by-product heat from the fuel cell energy conversion process. This heat will be used for facility heating and hot water for the production process and general facility needs.
‘We operate our frozen pasta and pesto plant 24 hours per day and were attracted by the fuel cell power plant’s reliability and energy security as it generates power right on our property,’ said Sergio Squatrito, vice president, Operations, Carla’s Pasta.
‘The high efficiency of the fuel cell power plant decreases our fuel and electrical costs, and lowers our carbon footprint. Our environmental stewardship is further enhanced with the installation of these fuel cells as the energy generation process emits virtually zero harmful pollutants.’
The purchase of the fuel cell power plant was partially funded by a US$750,000 grant from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF).

The power plant is expected to be operational by mid 2011.

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