On-site fuel cell
On-site fuel cell

PowerCell Sweden AB (publ) has signed a cooperation agreement with mobile operator TeliaSonera AB to jointly install and operate an on-site PowerPac power generator at the base station in the Gothenburg area of western Sweden.

The two have agreed to jointly run a feasibility study to test the diesel-powered fuel cell generator in operation as a power backup for one of TeliaSonera’s telecom base stations.

As power outages in the area are rare, the testing will be done through simulated power failures.

Andreas Bodén, Marketing and Sales Director at PowerCell Sweden, explained: ‘To be able to test the PowerPac in a live setting in our region will help us to develop the product further.’

The PowerPac runs diesel through a catalytic reformer that converts it to hydrogen-rich gas, which is then converted to electricity in the fuel cell.