Volvo spin-out fuel cell company PowerCell Sweden AB and African energy services company Mitochondria Energy Co Ltd have signed a Letter of Intend to collaborate on the development diesel-fuelled fuel cell power solutions for the African market.

PowerCell’s power supply unit, the 1 – 6 kW PowerPac, is currently under development is initially configured for the telecoms industry. It features a reformer to convert the diesel into hydrogen-rich gas for use in the fuel cell stack. Mitochondria will be involved in the pre-production development and testing processes.

By using widely available road diesel as fuel its backers claim the system will offer a cost-effective power supply solution. Deployment for testing in South Africa and Sweden is planned for 2015.

Magnus Henell, CEO at PowerCell Sweden AB said: “For PowerCell it is very important to get our PowerPac product developed and tested in conjunction with partners and potential customers.”