Fuel cell CHP units for US submarine base

13 August 2010 – The US Naval Submarine Base New London, located in Groton, Connecticut, US, is to have two 300 kW DFC300 fuel cell power plants from FuelCell Energy installed to provide reliable baseload electricity and heat energy to the base.
The two fuel cell power plants will be installed adjacent to the existing energy plant on the base.
The by-product heat generated by the fuel cell energy conversion process will be utilized for pre-heating the water used in the boiler at the existing energy plant, therefore reducing fuel costs.
FuelCell Energy’s partner, LOGANEnergy will purchase, install and operate the fuel cell power plants, subcontracting maintenance services to FuelCell Energy under a three-year service contract.
The efficiency of fuel cells approaches 80% when the by-product heat from the energy conversion process is utilized.

‘We are pleased with this opportunity to broaden our relationship with the US Department of Defense and the US Navy as we assist them in reaching their clean energy goals,’ said Richard Shaw, director of Business Development, FuelCell Energy.

‘Our fuel cell power plants decrease greenhouse gas emissions and virtually eliminate the emission of harmful pollutants compared to combustion-based power generation alternatives, while improving the security and reliability of the power supply.’

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