The Quadrant 3 redevelopment project on Regent Street in central London, UK, is to host a 300 kW DFC300 fuel cell-based CHP unit from the US-based FuelCell Energy.
The fuel cell is expected to help the project meet local clean air emission requirements and carbon reduction targets.
The Quadrant 3 project is a mixed use retail/office/residential redevelopment project being developed by Britain’s Crown Estate.
The fuel cell project designer and installer, UK-based Logan Energy, estimates the overall efficiency of the installation to be 82%.
The plant is expected to be operational by late 2011.
The DFC300 will be located inside the building as the quiet operation and virtual lack of pollutants from fuel cells is well-suited for urban applications, says FuelCell Energy.
The power generation process of the fuel cell uses an electrochemical reaction rather than combustion, which very efficiently converts fuel into clean electricity. Due to the lack of combustion, the fuel cell emits virtually no pollutants, such as NOx, SOx or particulate matter.
‘Reliable on-site power generation delivered in an environmentally friendly manner is an important aspect of our development projects and the fuel cell fits our requirements at Quadrant 3,’ said Alastair Smart, Head of Development, The Crown Estate.
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