Countries on both sides of the Atlantic have spent weeks sizzling under the summer sun. And once again, the power systems have been groaning under the strain of the demands from air conditioning, and the difficulty of finding sufficient cooling water for thermal and nuclear generators.

It’s bad news for us all in some ways – and yet it’s good news for those of us in CHP and decentralized energy, which can offer useful solutions. Even just this one issue of COSPP provides articles with a whole range of opportunities to help avoid and manage our current energy problems.

For instance, Danny Harvey speaks out in favour of district-scale heating and cooling to meet comfort needs while reducing the output of CO2. Gregg Dixon describes various moves to reduce demand peaks through effective demand-side management. These are world issues, and Jacob Klimstra argues that in countries with rapidly growing power demand, on-site power can meet needs most effectively and efficiently, while other features take a look at solutions devised in Egypt and Sri Lanka. We also bring a wide range of technically focused features on improving the performance of installations.

The publishers of COSPP would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new Consulting Editor, David Sweet of WADE. In his Perspective piece, David predicts an increasing role for on-site generation worldwide. It certainly makes sense.

Jackie Jones
Editorial Director, COSPP

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