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Food waste AD plant extension

Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd. have awarded a contract to UK-based Weltec Biopower Ltd for a 1.1 MW extension of an anaerobic digestion on-site power plant that is fuelled by food waste.

Located in Piddlehinton, Dorset in the UK, the plant processes food waste to energy and the first Eco-Dorset AD plant – also built by Weltec – was commissioned in 2012. The extension will be completed in autumn 2014. The plant is fed by local authority food waste as well as out of date food products which prior to digestion are unpackaged, sorted and pasteurised at the site.
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After the extension is completed approximately 37,000 tpa of food waste will generate an electrical output of 1.6 MW. Electricity generated at the plant as well as excess gas is fed to an adjacent feed mill and when the mill is not operational, the power is fed to the National Grid.

Furthermore, the digestate produced by the plant is collected and used by local farmers.