Eurocement orders new power plants for Russia

Wärtsilä has been contracted to supply on-site power plants for 11 Eurocement Group cementà‚ factories in Russia. The project is part of a modernisation programme of the factories which focuses on energy efficiency and environmental upgrading. The Eurocement Group makes up almost 40% of the Russian cement market.

The full equipment delivery order consists of 36 natural gas-fired Wärtsilä 34SG engines while the size of the industrial power plants varies from two to five units, or from 19 to 48 MW. The combined capacity of the power plants will be 314 MW and the plants will produce electricity for the cement factory and work in parallel with the grid. All projects are scheduled to be delivered during 2015.à‚ 

Eurocement Group modernisation programme is based on energy efficiency and best international practice. Wärtsilä’sà‚ solutions will allow us to create high technology cement industry in Russia and provide national infrastructure and housing projects with high quality cement,’ said president of the company Mikhail Skorokhod.

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