Environment agency uses fuel cells for conservation

UPS Systems has installed a direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) at the UK Environment Agency‘s Woolston Weir fishery to monitor the movement of eels.

The aim is to help conservation work by providing power to telemetry and CCTV equipment at an ‘eel pass’ to monitor the endangered creatures’ journey upstream to fresh water.

To gauge the success of the new eel pass, the Environment Agency has installed a monitoring and telemetry system at the Woolston site, which uses CCTV to record and monitor the eels’ journeys providing data about its success.

To provide power to the eel pass, UPS has installed an EFOY Pro 2200 DMFC alongside two load-carrying batteries hooked up in parallel. The DMFC acts as a charger to ensure the batteries are kept at optimum voltage at all times. The system provides continuous power to a water pump that oxygenates a holding tank where the eels are counted and checked. It also powers a web cam and the telemetry system.

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