ENGIE delivers first-time electricity with Zambia mini-grid

ENGIEà‚ has inaugurated its first mini-grid in Zambia which will bring electricity for the first time to a village pf 1500 people.

The mini-grid in Chitandika provides energy to households and local businesses and supports a health centre and two schools.

ENGIE already has 13 mini-grids in operation or under construction in Tanzania and has a target of developing 2000 mini-grids by 2025 inà‚ Africa.

As part of its decentralized energy developments, ENGIE is also expanding Fenix, its solar home system business. Since the launch of its operations in Zambia in October 2017, ENGIE Fenix has reached 70,000 customers in the country,à‚ supplying 350,000 people with lighting and power.à‚ 

ENGIE chief executive Isabelle Kocher said: “We believe that universal access to electricity is possible in the foreseeable future thanks to a smart combination of national grid extensions, mini-grids and solar home systems, depending on the local characteristics of energy demand.”

“It is ENGIE’s role to makeà‚ a cost-efficient zero-carbon transition possible for the benefit of the African population.”à‚ 

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