eBay builds largest fuel cell data centre in the US

Online retailer eBay is building what is believed to be the USA‘s largest non-utilities based fuel cell installation at its data centre in Utah.

The company is to incorporate 30 Bloom Energy servers into the centre, which will be fuelled by biogas. It wants to use grid electricity only as a back-up.

eBay Utah, US The 6 MW installation is being designed and engineered into eBay’s expanded data centre, and will be fully operational next year.

Each server is expected to generate 1.75 million kWh of electricity annually, and all will be installed within a few hundred feet of the centre, minimising power losses.

eBay will use the fuel cells to replace back-up generators and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) components that have historically been used for less than one percent of the year.

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