Capstone Turbine Corporation has sold its first microturbine product in Belarus. Its distributor BPC Engineering commissioned the C600 in a CHP application at a multi-purpose maintenance facility of the Baranovichi Railway in Baranovichi.

Baranovichi Railway purchased the Capstone CHP system to increase the depot’s power efficiency and reliability.

The system comprises a C600 microturbine and 800 kW GEA heat recovery unit at the core of an on-site power plant that achieves approximately 92% energy efficiency.

Fueled by pipeline natural gas, the microturbine power plant provides electricity for the depot’s equipment and infrastructure and heating for workshops and other rooms.

The CHP plant operates in parallel with the utility grid for peak shaving. Operation of the power plant is fully automated — a Capstone Advanced Power Server synchronizes separate modules and provides for optimal load sharing that reaches the highest efficiency with low fuel consumption.

Capstone says it is targeting Eastern Europe as a new area for growth and expects to make further sales in the region.

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